¥31,900 ( tax inc. )


品番: 24SBT-#268S

素材: Brass Leather

原産国: Japan


サイズガイド (単位cm) :


We created belts with significantly different belt widths and buckle sizes. The belt width fastener is manually soldered to the buckle with a round wire to prevent the belt body, which is thinner than the buckle, from moving. Attaching this neatly requires skilled craftsmanship. The brand name and size are embossed on the tip of the surface. CAESAR vegetable tanned cowhide from Poland. This thick, sturdy Polish leather is elastic and suitable for single-piece leather belts. The silver surface is lightly sanded and finished with a gentle luster. Vegetable tanned leather is leather made by tanning the skin of animals such as cows, horses, and pigs with natural tannins, carefully preserving the texture of the material itself. Since the raw material is the skin of animals with individual differences, even if they are processed from the same type of animal, each piece is different in terms of blood lines, wrinkles, scratches, etc. Even if the same processing is done, individual differences occur, and this is enjoyed as the charm of natural leather. With continued use, a deep flavor is developed, and it becomes a one-of-a-kind product that becomes familiar to the owner. Processing method: Shaving. Place the plane upside down, place the edge of the leather on the blade, and pull it toward you at an even angle to shave. This is done 3 to 4 times to finish it diagonally. The shaved area is dyed with dye and polished with a coating agent. This method of shaving using a plane is not used by most craftsmen, and is a technique used by only a few belt craftsmen. Hand stitched Strong braided polyester thread. It is an extremely thick specification of 1.2 mm, so sewing it requires considerable skill and physical strength.

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